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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Your vagina is almost as beautiful as your penis

Here are some of my favorite excerpts from an article about hermaphroditic animals.

"Many snails, slugs, and worms are so-called internally fertilizing, simultaneous hermaphrodites. In any encounter, such creatures can deliver sperm, receive it for fertilizing eggs internally, or do both.
When two of these small, speckled sea worms meet to mate, there's no taking turns. Each worm, 2 to 6 centimeters long, wields its pair of side-by-side penises like a weapon. One worm tries to fertilize the other by ejaculating anywhere on its partner's body, splashing it with sperm in a cocktail that dissolves flesh. After the brew eats a hole through the skin, the sperm work their way through various tissues until they reach the eggs.
The holes and wrinkly streaks on many worms' bodies are ejaculate burns, says Michiels.
And in many other simultaneous hermaphrodites, if one partner deposited sperm into the other's reproductive tract, elaborate plumbing would divert a sizable portion of the sperm to digestive organs, presumably as a snack for the recipient.
Some of the mating habits of simultaneous hermaphrodites can be difficult for humans to understand. For that reason, the University of California, Santa Cruz doesn't emphasize that its athletic teams' mascot, a hermaphroditic banana slug, has been reported to practice apophally, or penis biting."

Enjoy the article, and I dare you to find use for the word, "apophally," at a party.


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If Rick Santorum finds out about this, his head will explode.

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