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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Joe Blow - he's at it again."

Ever wonder who provides the ominous voices behind all of those ubiquitous campaign attack ads appearing on TV right now? The Philadelphia Inquirer has an interesting article about the people whose job it is to scare you into voting for the other guy... you know, the one who doesn't support terrorism.

Compared to voice-over legend Don LaFontaine, however, the rest of these guys are mere amateurs. No kidding, I want him to record my eulogy some day. "They SAID he COULDN'T be STOPPED..."

Giving voice - and venom - to political ads [Philadelphia Inquirer]
Don LaFontaine [Wikipedia]

(Side note: In his Wikipedia entry, one of LaFontaine's nicknames is "The Voice of God." To a Philadelphian like myself, this is blasphemous. There was only one Voice of God, and anyone with half a brain knows it belonged to John Facenda.)


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