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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Feel Safer?

If you know anything about search patterns, you should not be surprised to find that airport screeners are too preoccupied with water bottles and nail clippers to actually look for something that might be, you know, dangerous. Not only are these fake security measures a waste of time, but they actually make it more likely that we will get blown the %$#@ up.

Security was porous last week at Albany International Airport, when officials from the Transportation Security Administration were able to slip fake bomb components past screeners at a passenger checkpoint. In Wednesday's editions, an exclusive story by staff writer Brendan Lyons revealed that the TSA inspectors had concealed the components in carry-on luggage, along with a bottle of water, which is also prohibited under TSA rules. But while the Albany screeners did confiscate the water bottle, they missed the bomb materials. In all, the inspectors managed to get four banned items through the airport's main checkpoint, while security measures failed in five of seven tests.

Whole article here.

Via The Agitator.


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