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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's the 4th of July. Blow some stuff up.

I think it still pisses off King George. No, not that King George. Anyway, I like fireworks, but my state has seen fit to make them illegal. Here, Robert McCain discusses how a very popular, and not all that dangerous diversion has been banned in much of the country by nanny state ninnies. Next thing you know, they'll be taxing tea.

I've also been enjoying the appearance of fireworks shops here in Pennsylvania, even though they're illegal here. It turns out that a bizzarre loophole exists that allows fireworks to be sold in PA, as long as it's not to a PA resident. Seriously, If I walk into the store, they'll ask for ID to prove I'm not a Pennsylvanian. If I whip out a New Jersey driver's license, they'll sell to me. We're pretty close to Jersey and Delaware here, so business appears brisk. Oh, and it doesn't matter that fireworks are illegal in NJ and DE, too.


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