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Sunday, December 24, 2006

It's Cheaper Than Going To A Pediatrician

ยกDios mio! [Obligatory tabloid-esque opening.] A Mexico-bound grandmother placed her one-month-old grandson into the baggage X-ray machine at Los Angeles International Airport.

Careful -- that diaper contains hazardous waste! (Oh, I'm good.)

Not wishing to pile onto the already-beleaguered TSA, but shouldn't someone have noticed this, you know, BEFORE the baby entered the machine? Having recently traveled, I know that there are plenty of uniformed individuals whose job it is to watch you remove your shoes, jacket, aluminum-foil-wrapped cucumber (or so I've heard) before you place them in the grey plastic washtubs that pass through the scanning equipment.

Surely a small, pinkish moving object, loudly objecting in baby Spanish, would have attracted someone's attention. What about the people in line behind this lady? How absorbed in your own shoe-removing activity do you have to be to have missed that?

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