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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Snorting a Brain Chemical Could Replace Sleep

When I first saw this article I thought, "Yeah, it's called cocaine."

In what sounds like a dream for millions of tired coffee drinkers, Darpa-funded
scientists might have found a drug that will eliminate sleepiness.
A nasal
spray containing a naturally occurring brain hormone called orexin A reversed
the effects of sleep deprivation in monkeys, allowing them to perform like
well-rested monkeys on cognitive tests. The discovery's first application will
probably be in treatment of the severe sleep disorder narcolepsy.

The best take on this was at Isegoria, where Matt remarked that he'd "like to perform like a well-rested monkey."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In further studies, scientists were able to show that well-rested monkeys can throw their feces with both greater accuracy and distance.

5:22 PM  

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