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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tpotdomescandal's Top 10 TV Shows

#5 The X-Files

The show started out as a quirky sci-fi drama that appealed mainly to quirky fans of the paranormal like myself, but it became much more. As the production values and writing improved, the show weaved together a grand plot of alien visitors and government cover-ups while delivering a new monster mystery every week. The show really became great when 1) the relationship between FBI special agents Mulder (David Duchovny) and Scully (Gillian Anderson) became one of TV’s classic unfulfilled sexual tension stories and 2) the episodes included more humor and irony while still bringing some of the best horror and suspense to primetime TV. Also, Scully definitely had great “nerd sex appeal” for a while. At its peak, The X-Files was my favorite show, but the downer final seasons in which Duchovny and Anderson were replaced with scabs were dreadful.

Skepticism of the government was a huge theme, as they were literally the bad guys in many episodes (Trust No One!). The stereotype of the smoking villain was a major topic. The Mulder family was an important theme with Fox’s obsessive pursuit of his abducted sister, and the implications of a Luke Skywalker/Darth Vader thing going on between Fox and the Cigarette-Smoking-Man. Spirituality wasn’t an overriding theme, but angels, devils, and stigmata made their appearances, along with Scully’s Catholicism. Even sports came up more often than you’d think. One of my favorite episodes explored race and alienation in the form of a Negro League team called the Grays that had a secret alien on it.


Blogger nonviolentjay said...

Another sports moment was when the smoking man said that he injected Tretiak to slow down his glove hand leading to the "Miracle on Ice" of the 1980 Olympic Games.

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