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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Holy... Holiness, Batman!

Exploring the spiritual side of superheroes:

"In the foreword to "The Gospel According to Superheroes," a book examining superheroes and religion, legendary comic book writer and editor Stan Lee says he always avoided any mention of specific religions in his stories.

"I thought of myself as an 'equal opportunity writer,'" he says.

But a few writers have brought religion into the mix when taking on some longtime characters. Frank Miller, for example, established Marvel's blind Daredevil as Catholic many years ago.

"From a story point of view, a guy that dresses up like a devil but is devoutly Christian is interesting," says Joe Quesada, Marvel Comics editor in chief. "Just the same way that the fact that he is a lawyer by day and practices vigilante justice at night is interesting and makes for great storytelling."

More recently, Ben Grimm, the Thing from the Fantastic Four, was revealed to be Jewish."

Whole thing here.


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