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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Perversion For Profit -- And Fun!

There's an ages-old broadcaster named George Putnam. Maybe you've heard of him; if not, you may at least have heard of his 1965 film, "Perversion For Profit." Never have the puritanical fears of mid-20th century American been voiced with such eloquence, not to mention a deep, sonorous baritone.

But sadly, some non-God-fearing (possibly Communist) sicko has twisted the brilliantly-expressed moral outrage of Putnam's original screed, and created this abomination, which regretfully I display for your disgust and revulsion. Enjoy! (Warning: naughty bits censored but still NSFW.)

You can check out Mr. Putnam's original version on YouTube.

When satisfied (not in that way, you libertine!), give a listen to Tom Lehrer's contemporary musical retort.

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