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Monday, August 06, 2007

Eco-Stars: Walk The Walk, Then Talk The Talk

RADAR magazine -- absolutely, definitely in business this time! -- has an interesting article about how the most prominent and vocal proponents of environmental conservation have a hard time practicing what they preach (and preach, and preach, and preach...).

The only thing people like Laurie David and Barbra Streisand defend stronger than their pro-ecology stances are their own carbon-spewing lifestyles in defiance of said beliefs. Curiously enough, pointing out the hypocrisies of the globally-thoughtless are slammed by their admirers as right-wing attack jobs. So then the right-wing is more environmentally aware than the left? I'm confused.

Remember, folks, true care of the environment begins at home. Not my home, mind you, but yours.

Green Fakers: Why Eco-Hypocrisy Matters [RADAR]

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