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Thursday, January 24, 2008

If you like baseball and think the government is crap ("Me! Me!"), then you might be interested in these links regarding the steroid controversy.

The first analyzes the whole problem from a variety of ways. It even includes a surprisingly convincing evidence that steroid use has minimal effect on power numbers, and that power numbers have not even gone up in the steroid era.
And there's this: "We first need to note that there is scarcely some runaway epidemic of usage. Current adolescent use rates for steroids are about 1.5% (bet you didn't know that) and dropping (bet you didn't know that, either). And those results are from multiple very large-scale scientific surveys."
The second is just a good argument from Radley Balko explaining that steroids in sports is no big deal, and certainly not the business of congress. "I’d submit it’s about paternalism and control. A few luddites and prudes have successfully induced a full-blown moral panic over a set of substances that for whatever reason have attracted the ire of the people who have made it their job to tell us what is and isn’t good for us."


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