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Monday, February 05, 2007

At Least One Slot Paid Out That Morning

Pregnant women, take heed: This might be the first time you've ever heard this advice, but beginning somewhere near the third trimester you might want to avoid smoke-filled rooms with loud noises and bright, flashing lights; otherwise you might find yourself in a situation similar to Nyree Thompson, age 32.

Ms. Thompson was spending last Saturday morning doing what most expectant mothers do -- that is, playing penny slots at a casino (presumably to win money to buy formula) --, when suddenly...
Thompson said she mistook labor pains for gas at first, but after going to the restroom told a security guard that she might be giving birth.

Thompson said the guard thought she was joking. Then her water broke.

"A guard came over and said, 'Don't push,'" Thompson said. "I said, 'Forget you, this baby is coming right now!'"

Hey, that's good luck!

The newborn, named Qualeem, was taken to a nearby hospital and is reportedly doing fine, considering the fact that he was born mere feet from a $10 Pai Gow table. No word yet on whether Ms. Thompson resumed her battle with the one-armed bandit.

Gambler gives birth on N.J. casino floor [Philly.com]

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