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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Me Grenadian, Me Play Joke, Me Play National Anthem Of Your Sworn Enemy

It may not be as bad as hearing "Deutschland Über Alles" at the opening of a Holocaust museum, but when you've invested large quantities of money and man-hours into helping rebuild a hurricane-stricken sports arena, you expect that your benefactee could play the right national anthem as thanks.

According to this article at CNEWS, China -- putting the "PR" in "PRC"! -- has begun a whirlwind tour of Caribbean countries, competing with its bitter rival Taiwan to see who can win the most hearts and minds in the region by doling out aid and rebuilding projects to areas stricken by poverty, natural disasters and, worst of all, Chinese tourists (I kid, I kid).

Grenada -- apparently confused by grief in mourning the death of their erstwhile liberator Ronald Reagan -- had decided to switch its diplomatic allegiance in 2005 from Taiwan to China (although in fairness, so have the United States). After Grenada's cricket stadium was devastated by a hurricane, their new best-est buddies helped build them a new one. Both country's representatives gathered last Saturday in the rebuilt stadium for its opening ceremony.

All did not not go as planned. To quote the article:
Chinese Ambassador Qian Hongshan and scores of blue-uniformed Chinese labourers who built Queen's Park stadium as a gift were visibly uncomfortable as Taiwan's anthem echoed inside the 20,000-seat venue.
One red-faced prime minister for Grenada, Keith Mitchell, was heard to say, "I guess we can forget about that new supermarket they promised."

As for the Chinese, it looks like they found a proper way to vent their anger.

Taiwan anthem played at opening of China-financed stadium [canoe]

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Then they shouted, "We support your war of terror!"

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