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Monday, January 28, 2008

That Line Would Have Gone Over Like Gangbusters In The 2000 Campaign

Providing indisputable evidence that conservative white men are exactly seven-and-a-half years behind the rest of pop culture, I present you with "Extreme Caucasian Awkwardness," Mormon-style:

Seriously, was this the only thing Romney could think of to say to a crowd of young, black Americans?

"Mind drawing blank... so many Negroes... I wonder how many are non-voting felons?... think, Mitt, think!...wait, remember that non-offensive rap song you heard while flipping to Disney Radio in the car?... something about dogs... quickly, damn it, reference the chorus!... Romney, you're a genius."

No word yet on whether Romney sang Macarena to a group of Hispanic business merchants shortly afterward.

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